About the Community First Responders

The Community First Responders service (Armagh & Tyrone) are a team of volunteers who share a vision of being able to render appropriate and effective CPR, defibrillation and first aid to causalities suffering immediate life-threatening conditions in those critical ‘golden’ minutes while waiting for a 999 Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) paramedic to arrive at the scene.
We are increasingly aware that the NIAS’s ‘rather ambitious’ target of 8 minutes for a Category A- immediately life threatening emergency, is perhaps an unrealistic expectation for a rural community such as ours and therefore if we are to improve the outcomes for sudden cardiac arrest and other similar immediately life-threatening conditions a local solution needed to be developed.
All funding and equipment is now in place and we were successfully registered as a Charity by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland in January 2017 – a true recognition of the potential value our services can make to our rural communities.
The first group of 25 volunteers have now completed their training and are ready to go live.